Young People in Reception Centres

Kansi: Young People in Reception Centres.



Veronika Honkasalo; Karim Maiche; Henri Onodera; Marja Peltola; Leena Suurpää


asylum seekers, refugees, young people, youth, minors, unaccompanied refugee minors, everyday, orientation, social relationships, social support, reception centres, integration (immigrants)


Global migration poses particular concerns for children and young people. Eighty per cent of asylum seekers moving to Finland in autumn 2015 were under the age of 35. In spite of statistics like these, the consequences of global migration on children and young people are seldom mentioned in policy and youth research.

Young People in Reception Centres aims to address this research gap by drawing on the work of youth researchers and specialists working with young asylum seekers. In particular, authors concentrate on unaccompanied minors and professionals working with them. Many of the personal accounts included in this collection illustrate everyday life, social networks and leisure time of young asylum seekers, and emphasise certain constraints that judicial and immigration policies have on these groups of people.

All of the essays included in this collection have been written as part of a project initiated jointly by the Finnish Youth Research Network, Save the Children (Finland) and the Youth Council of the Finnish State, in order to document the viewpoints of young people, professionals, NGO representatives, with the aim of improving the lives of young asylum seekers in Finland.

Kansi: Young People in Reception Centres.




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