Encounters at Borders and across Borders: Hymnos 2024


Samuli Korkalainen (toim.)
Leena Lampinen (toim.)


hymnody, liturgy, liturgical music, ecumenism


The Finnish Society for Hymnology and Liturgy organised an international conference with the title "Encounters at Borders and across Borders" in May 2022. All of the articles of this volume are based on the presentations held at the conference. Themes within hymnology and liturgy are addressed following the heading, through encounters at borders and crossing them. Borders that are addressed in peer-reviewed articles are: (1) borders between churches, (2) borders of religions or cultures, (3) geographical, regional, and linguistic borders, (4) borders between academic disciplines, (5) borders of hymn, spiritual song, and liturgy, (6) mental and bodily borders, as well as (7) borders set by the Covid-19 pandemic. 



  • Introduction
    Recognising and Crossing Borders in Hymnody and Liturgy
    Samuli Korkalainen, Leena Lampinen
  • Transgressing Borders in the Celebration of the Lord’s Supper
    New Liturgical Practices and Theological Arguments
    Jochen Arnold
  • Singing the Sacred
    Crossing Borders in the Public Sphere
    Elsabé Kloppers
  • Heritage of the Tower of Babel?
    Language Policies in Multilingual Contexts of Liturgical Singing
    Samuli Korkalainen, Tuuli Lukkala, Kristel Neitsov-Mauer, Per Kristian Aschim, Jan Hellberg
  • Polyhymnia’s Agent
    Musical Humanism, Exordial Rhetoric, and the Veneration of Antiquity in the Works of Michael Praetorius (1571–1621)
    Miikkael Halonen
  • The Organist as a Creator of Interaction in the Liturgy
    Anna Pulli-Huomo
  • Crossing Mental and Bodily Borders
    Ritual Touching in the Context of Worship
    Leena Lampinen, Hilkka-Liisa Vuori, Tuomas A. Meurman, Riikka Patrikainen
Encounters at Borders and across Borders




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